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The chat UI can be customised to fit your branding. There are different ways to do this based on how you chose to integrate the chat UI (script tag or npm package).

Script tag

Currently, it's only possible to change the colour of the button that opens the chat. You can do this by using the set-theme action:

plain('set-theme', {brandColor: '#fcba03'});

Different colour formats are supported:

  • Named colour: red
  • HEX: #00224F
  • RGB / RGBA: rgb(255,0,0) / rgba(255,0,0,0.35)
  • HSL / HSLA: hsl(120,100%,75%) / hsla(120,100%,75%, 0.5)

npm package

The theme prop in PlainProvider allows you to incrementally adopt a custom theme for your chat UI. Any values not provided by your custom theme will fall back to the defaultTheme which you can import from @team-plain/react-chat-ui.

For those using Typescript, the type ThemeConfig is available from @team-plain/react-chat-ui.

An example using a custom theme is below:

import { ThemeConfig } from '@team-plain/react-chat-ui';

const customTheme: ThemeConfig = {
fontFamily: {
body: "'ABeeZee', sans-serif",
heading: "'ABeeZee', sans-serif",

fontSize: {
s: '12px',
m: '14px',
l: '16px',
xl: '20px',
// ...
<PlainProvider appKey="APP_KEY" theme={customTheme}>
<h1>My app</h1>

If you have any problems, please get in touch with us by email on, and we will be happy to help.