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Customers can get in touch with you using the Plain chat interface.

Based on your needs, you have two options to integrate the chat UI:

  • A npm package for react-based websites
  • A script tag you can embed into your website

The Chat UI interacts with Plain using the public customer API. In order to use this API, it needs to know: which workspace the chat is for and who the customer is.

The workspace is identified via an "app key" which you can get from your workspace settings. This is documented in the how to get an app key section.

Depending on how you want users to authenticate, the chat UI supports the following two methods:

  • logged-out: for anonymous users on your website
  • logged-in: for logged-in users on your website

This guide will take you through all steps required to fully integrate chat:

  1. How to get an app key
  2. How to set up chat for your logged-out website visitors
  3. How to set up chat for your logged-in users
  4. How to customise the chat UI