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Getting an app key

An app key is a unique key that Plain uses to know which workspace you are setting up chat for. It is safe to put this key in the source code of your public website.

Let's create a new app key:

  1. Open your workspace settings (click on your workspace name, then Settings -> Apps) App settings

  2. Click on "New App" choose a public name (e.g. "Chat") and internal name (e.g. "Chat (production)") and click "Create app". The public name may be shown to customers so do not include an internal identifier in it. Create app key

  3. And that's it! You don't need to take note of the app key right now. You can come back to this page later on and copy it. App key created


If you are wondering about what "Public keys" are on this page: we will cover them later on in the logged-in users section.

Now continue to support for logged-out users to integrate the chat UI in your website.

If you have any problems, please get in touch with us by email on, and we will be happy to help.