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A union of all possible entries that can appear in a timeline.

union Entry = IssueStatusTransitionedEntry | IssueIssueTypeChangedEntry | IssueDeletedEntry | NoteEntry | CustomerAssignmentTransitionedEntry | ChatEntry | CustomerStatusTransitionedEntry | EmailEntry | ExternalEmailEntry | CustomEntry | LinearIssueLinkStateTransitionedEntry | IssuePriorityChangedEntry

Possible types

IssueStatusTransitionedEntry object

IssueIssueTypeChangedEntry object

IssueDeletedEntry object

NoteEntry object

CustomerAssignmentTransitionedEntry object

ChatEntry object

CustomerStatusTransitionedEntry object

EmailEntry object

ExternalEmailEntry object

CustomEntry object

LinearIssueLinkStateTransitionedEntry object

IssuePriorityChangedEntry object

Added to the timeline when an issue's priority changes.

Member of

TimelineEntry object