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Details for the reasons why the customer card failed to load.

union CustomerCardInstanceErrorDetail = CustomerCardInstanceMissingCardErrorDetail | CustomerCardInstanceResponseBodyErrorDetail | CustomerCardInstanceStatusCodeErrorDetail | CustomerCardInstanceRequestErrorDetail | CustomerCardInstanceUnknownErrorDetail | CustomerCardInstanceTimeoutErrorDetail

Possible types

CustomerCardInstanceMissingCardErrorDetail object

The configured API URL didn't return a requested card key.

CustomerCardInstanceResponseBodyErrorDetail object

An invalid response body was returned from the configured API URL.

CustomerCardInstanceStatusCodeErrorDetail object

A non-200 status code was returned from the configured API URL.

CustomerCardInstanceRequestErrorDetail object

Plain failed to make the request to the configured API URL.

CustomerCardInstanceUnknownErrorDetail object

An unknown error occurred. If this error is persistent, please contact our support.

CustomerCardInstanceTimeoutErrorDetail object

The card failed to load within the timeout.

Member of

CustomerCardInstanceError object